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Incorporating an electronic prescribing connection with pharmacies at your practice is an excellent way to save valuable time, build efficiency and enhance the safety of the prescribing process for your patients.

Electronic prescribing is defined as the exchange of prescription information through a complete, computer-to-computer connection with pharmacies in your area. This is very different from the traditional process of issuing prescriptions by paper, fax or phone.

Managing prescriptions electronically allows prescribers to send new prescriptions directly to the computers at enabled pharmacies in their area, not their fax machine — a safer, more secure process for patients. Electronic prescribing also allows practices to receive and respond to prescription refill requests electronically, which can avoid many of the time consuming phone calls that burden this process each day.

Many practices already have the capability to establish a direct electronic connection with pharmacy computers but they may not realize this! A special Web site has been established to help practices determine if they have the ability to make this connection. Just visit www.GetRxConnected.com and complete a short practice compatibility assessment.

If you’ve already started to implement and use your electronic prescribing connection, a special resource site has been set up to provide you with support information, best practices, communication tools and a variety of other important resources. Just visit www.SureScripts.com.

Both sites are provided courtesy of the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange™, operated by SureScripts®. More than 95% of the nation’s pharmacies are now enabled to connect to this secure network. For a list of activated pharmacies in your area, visit www.SureScripts.com.